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Enrichment Programs
& Camps

Robotics Enrichment

Our program is a tactile makerspace designed for experientially-focused enlightenment and is appropriate for those seeking to discover, develop and evolve in their affinity for robotics.

An Immersive Camp Experience

Our camp is an immersive, unconventional experience that challenges individuals to lean into their natural inquisitiveness through mindful strategies and merges S.T.E.M. subject matters with meaningful, engaging recreational activities.

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Child-Led, Challenge & Creativity

Individuals are inspired to forge an unorthodox, inquiry-based learning odyssey through scientific discovery, computer literacy, design of complex products and quantitative data analysis.

Community Partners & Sponsors


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Endowment Fund

Donors are invited to sponsor civic engagement initiatives we are spearheading such as: technological advancement, scholarships and expanding equitable access to programs in communities of opportunity; your generosity is sincerely appreciated! We have a one-time contribution and recurring option available. 


Disclaimer: Odyssey S.T.E.M. Institute L.L.C. is not a 501(c)3 organization. No goods or services are provided by our organization in exchange for contributions.  Contributions are not tax deductible and are received as taxable income. 


  • How does Odyssey S.T.E.M. Institute differ from other robotics enrichment programs?
    What sets our program apart from others is that we use actual robotics components (i.e. robotic brains, shafts, beams, pulleys, gears, plates and pneumatics) not Legos.
  • What type of recreational activities will campers engage in during camp?
    Activities include but are not limited to robotics, block-based (Scratch) coding and text-based (Python, C++) coding, scientific experimentations, Oculus VR, Brain Games, Sports, etc.
  • Do you offer daycare services?
    No, we are a recreational youth-serving organization who offer after-school enrichment programs and camps.
  • Do you offer private classes?
    Absolutely! Please submit an inquiry through Contact Us.
  • Is your program appropriate for the neurodiverse community?
    Yes; however, if you require special accommodations, please submit an inquiry through Contact Us to ensure we can support you.

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